About Us

Tecnoblen SA is a company founded in 1997 by Jose Maria Villar, at that time the company developed beef and lambs Casing for the European market. In 2008, a commercial agreement was reached with the Bervini Primo SRL Group for the sale of the beef / sheep casing manufacturing sector in Uruguay. 

After 5 years of contractual guidelines for the sale, Tecnoblen was able to return to the market again, but this time in a broader way in its process lines. The elaboration and manufacture of products for Human Consumptions, Pharmaceutical and Pet Food Industries.

In Uruguay, it has 2 plants authorized by the official authorities of the Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries (M.G.A.P), these being No. 318 and No. 99. With the permits required for the export of the most demanding world markets. At present we have a direct presence in Chile N° 05.19 and Colombia, maintaining the policy that has always characterized the company QUALITY and SERIOUSNESS.


To collect, process and supply raw materials under strict quality standards, standardized processes and guaranteeing regularity, seriousness and quality to all our clients.


To promote best working practices, care for natural resources, and develop our staff together with our organization’s economic growth.


To be a benchmark in our industry, economic growth, expansion in the continent based on our seriousness, quality and work processes.


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